"Preservatives Free Wet Tissue" the patent registered.
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"Preservatives Free Wet Tissue" the patent registered.  

Patent Registration No. 10-0887768. International patent application (PCT Application No. KR2007003445). 

The Wet-Tissue is mainly being used to clean the baby's excrement, remove woman's makeup and wipe the hands in the restaurant. 

However, most of the products are made with more than 3 kinds of preservatives materials. 

The concentration of using is 3,000~6,000ppm that is the level to irritate the baby's skin and woman's face (especially eyes, lip). 

The excessive mix of the preservatives materials in wet-tissue did not become a big problem because we could not know such facts until now.  

From now on, “Preservatives Free Wet Tissue” will be useful to your skin and health. 

We will try to continue to develop technologies to keep our customer satisfaction and human health. Thank you. 

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